WaFreeNet Root DNS Servers

The following root DNS servers can be used for resolving any .wafn address.

As an added bonus, see the Network Services page for the current list of DNS Servers which resolve both WAFN addresses and various ISP DNS's.

Server Locations


All node/AP/Domain administrators are encouraged to utilise the WIND service for hosting of their domain on the Anycast servers. These servers are spread across the network for both increases in speed and redundancy on either server or link outages.


We have chosen a very simple method for naming. In reality anything is acceptable, as long as it ends with .wafn . Most node administrators have chosen to setup DNS in the following manner;


So if we have the user ANDREW connected through his gateway called DREWNET and he is connected to the node/AP named EGGNET his DNS would be; andrew.drewnet.eggnet.wafn

Many admins may choose to shorten these names in order to save typing time;


In many cases there will be no need for the gateway name. The user may be directly connected to the node/AP without his own gateway (single computer), or the clients local network is NAT'ed through to the node/AP via a gateway, rather than having WaFreeNet IP's on each of his machines.


Adding your Domain

To create your domain. You must create a login with wind and create a node. In "Edit Node", Network, create a "DNS zones" (you will want to create a forward and reverse here.)

Select the domain your just entered into "DNS Zones" and set the "Responsible Nameserver" to ns0.anycast.ns.wafn An admin within Discord will review and approve the domain. Once approved you can freely add and remove records for your domain/s.

Split Brain DNS Config

The Split brain config is required if you dont utilise one of the various WAFN + ISP DNS servers already available in Services. A Split brain DNS Server is setup localy at your Node so that your internal computers can resolve both WAFN DNS and your internet providers DNS. Node Admins should configure their local dns servers to pass wafreenet DNS lookups to the root DNS Server mentioned above (eg the anycast server), and to forward any other DNS lookups (ie internet DNS lookups) to their ISP's DNS server, if applicable. In the event of ISP connection failure, node admins can configure their internet DNS lookups to fail over to one of the WaFreeNet servers above, which should allow continued DNS operation.

If you are using BIND9, here are some tips to achieve this: in named.conf or any of the "include"d files, your forwarders section should look like this:

    forwarders {
      ; //isp primary dns
      ; //isp seconday dns
      ; //google fallback
      ; //wafn fallback (wafn + internet DNS)

Wafreenet forward and reverse zones should look like this:

    zone "wafn" {
        type forward;
        forwarders {;; };
    zone "60.10.in-addr.arpa" {
        type forward;
        forwarders {;; };

Step by step (Ubuntu config)

Install BIND
apt-get install bind9 copy/paste the 2 zones (as above)
vi /etc/bind/named.conf.local
open the following file there's a few changes we need to do here.
vi /etc/bind/named.conf.options find the forwarders section within options and copy/paste the forwarders (as above)